Interactive Software Limited provides Laboratory and Biobank Information Management  and CRM Systems that improve quality and compliance, and instil good practice through effective processes

Helping researchers and Biobanks make every sample matter

We believe for software to be valuable it has to be used; and more importantly, that people actually want to use it. When you can see the benefits the software has given you, then we have done our job. We have always put you, the user, at the heart of everything we do.  Thanks to this, leading universities and researchers, in the UK and globally, trust Achiever Medical LIMS Biobanking software and Achiever CRM software to run their highly specialised workflows and protect their valuable data.

With our Achiever Medical Laboratory and Biobanking Information Management System (LIMS) our aim is to support labs to get the most out of every valuable sample. And for us this means giving you simple tools to record, search and analyse data. So, you know what samples you’ve got in your inventory, researchers can find them and they get used for their intended purpose.

How we work

  • Working with you as an extension of your own team to understand your business objectives and share best-practice.
  • Continuously developing our products and services to meet your evolving requirements and effect meaningful business change.
  • Ethical and honest with clear and open channels of communication.




Award-winning Achiever Medical

We are very proud to be crowned winners of the Medlink West Midlands Medical and Healthcare Business ‘Innovation’ Award for 2019

Award-winning Achiever Medical LIMS

Why work with us?

We’re experienced LIMS, Biobanking and CRM solution providers. And, importantly, we’re the software creators. We want to understand your real challenges and shape solutions that not only result in a successful go live but more importantly, demonstrate ongoing business improvements.

Installing software is only the beginning. We understand that you may be a little cautious when it comes to changing your software.  Your team has to get to grips with new technology and, more often than not, changes to their working practices.  That is why we understand only too well that new software can just be the start of significant business change.

We’re committed to working with you not just during the software installation but onsite after you go live. Our training courses are practical, hands-on sessions to make sure you are comfortable and confident using Achiever before you go live. And we designed our go live support days to give you peace of mind, with our business analysts on-hand to answer any questions you have, as well as offer guidance and support you in those early days.

Our team

Some of us have worked with the product since its inception while others were not even born then. However, we all have one major thing in common; our shared passion and enthusiasm for Achiever software and what it delivers.

We are a team of LIMS, Biobanking and CRM system providers and developers. We’re excited business analysts, elusive software developers, organised project managers, pernickety testers and enlightening trainers. And we’re ready to work with you to create a LIMS, Biobanking or CRM solution that not only supports, but also enhances, your business processes, data quality, insights and compliance.

Business Analysts 30%
Developers 35%
Testers, Trainers and HelpDesk 25%
Project Managers 10%
Our unique knowledge sharing approach makes your project successful

Background about our products

We have a long and proven history and launched our first product in the UK back in 1992. We wanted to create an alternative to the sales and marketing systems that were around at the time. These were often difficult to use and even more impossible to change.

Unlike those systems, we started to combine standard business workflows with simple configuration tools that would put you firmly in control. We set about automating processes to help make your job easier. Our ‘point-and-click’ configuration options allowed you to make the necessary software changes to support your growing business. And you did not need IT assistance to make these updates happen.

In around 1997, the term Customer Relationship Management (CRM) started to become popular.  This was everything our software offered, and more, so we started describing it as such.

Over the years we have successfully implemented Achiever CRM in 100’s of different types of organisations across a range of industry sectors.

The birth of our laboratory sample management software – Achiever Medical

In 2001 we were asked to create a system that would securely manage and transfer biological sample data between two universities; one in the UK and the other in Germany. They approached us as they could not find any other software to do this.

We used our extensive business analysis skills and experience to design the new product and we used the flexible configuration tools to create Achiever Medical.  Also, as the two countries had very different patient confidentiality regulations, we created a sophisticated data encryption process that would protect information as it moved between them.Achiever Medical Product Timeline

In 2014, we decided to focus solely on industry-specific solutions. We had already successfully implemented solutions in the Higher Education sector and customers were using our Achiever Medical LIMS and Biobanking software in the UK and Europe. So, we decided that our key solutions would be Achiever Medical, Achiever Education for Universities and Achiever Training Management.

Committed to continuous improvement and quality

We’ve been designing and delivering our successful Achiever Medical laboratory sample management software for more than 15 years and our Achiever CRM systems for more than 25 years. We are more than system providers for LIMS, Biobanking and CRM systems. We help you shape the way you operate to instil good practice as well as give you the software that supports you as you grow.

For our products to stay relevant and beneficial, we constantly look for new and innovative ways to improve our software and services. So, we continuously invest in our product, understanding our main industry sectors and researching the latest technologies.

We are also committed to quality and have ISO 9001 and Cyber Essentials accreditation.

cyberessentials certification 2020 UKAS ISO-9001

Experience built-in

CRM and Sample Management Software

So, to really understand what you need, we work closely with experienced researchers and our technology partners to create and enhance our accessible and transformational Achiever products. Our goal is to make sure our products continue to meet your changing needs and support your users.

Whether you are processing biological samples in a lab or handling prospective student enquiries, our Achiever systems include streamlined processes that manage your business-critical workflows. As a result, you can be using the industry best-practice workflows, functionality and dashboards in Achiever software within weeks.

Achiever Medical and Achiever CRM – putting you in the driving seat

Developing Achiever Software

From day one our aim was to create a flexible product that you can configure; this still holds true today. Our enhanced modules and user-friendly configuration tools give you additional functionality and also create a more tailored user-experience.

We want you to own the system and for it to work for you. Our unique approach to knowledge transfer and product ownership gives you a long-term business solution that you can configure to meet your evolving business and legislative requirements.

See Achiever Medical laboratory sample management software and CRM systems in action

Our Achiever Medical and CRM partners

We work with a couple of carefully selected technology, services and consumables partners to offer complementary products and services that give you some added benefits.

Latest blogs and insights

Our Blogs and Insights page is full of useful articles on the latest technology and industry trends. Also, we have advice and guidance on common challenges facing you in the education, life-sciences, research and training sectors.

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