Achiever Medical Laboratory Information Management System

In a fast-paced, rapidly evolving, modern lab you need laboratory information management software that’s as responsive and adaptable as you are.

Achiever Medical LIMS takes care of your repetitive and admin tasks, automatically audits your data changes and guides you through your workflows to improve efficiency, consistency, validation, compliance and quality in your lab.

A configurable LIMS supporting your lab processes and making your data work for you

Achiever Medical is a configurable, web-based LIMS that helps you manage your lab effectively and to exacting standards.

Instilling good research protocols, Achiever Medical is process-driven with essential workflows already built-in that you can configure to meet your lab’s specific operating procedures. Its data management tools standardise and format data as you enter it; improving data quality, consistency and integrity. Achiever Medical does all this while adhering to strict security access restrictions and in line with regulatory compliance guidelines. So you know you’re protecting one of your most valuable assets – your data.

Enforcing standards

Enforcing standards

  • Improving consistency using standard and configurable workflows to guide users.
  • Enhancing quality with data validation and prompts for key information.
  • Driving efficiency by adhering to your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Helping you comply

Helping you comply

  • Improving quality with comprehensive consent, auditing and tracking capability.
  • Increasing security with data encryption and permissions.
  • Supporting quality improvements with alerts to highlight non-compliance.

Enabling you to grow

Enabling you to grow

  • Inspiring decision-making by identifying trends and delivering real-time insights.
  • Highlighting efficiency gains by monitoring productivity.
  • Capitalising on your resources to achieve more without increasing overheads.

Lab and sample management workflows at the core of Achiever Medical

Achiever Medical laboratory information management software has everything you need for efficient sample and lab management. Giving you complete transparency and traceability of your samples. From initial sample receipt through to destruction. Know at any point in your sample’s journey where it came from, where it is now, how you can work with it and what’s happened to it. Workflows included as standard:

  • Achiever Laboratory Sample Management Software Processes Treechecking in samples
  • checking out samples
  • aliquoting samples
  • creating sample derivatives
  • creating Tissue Microarrays
  • registering donors and participants
  • managing informed consent (which also includes withdrawals)
  • requesting samples (which also includes an approvals process and online Researcher portal)
  • dispatching and shipping samples

What’s more, each process is automatically audited by the software to indicate who, when, what and why. So, many of your compliance headaches are reduced!

Not only will everyone be consistently following the same processes, but the quality of your data will also improve. And it’s all about the data. With better data you can be more focused, accurate and confident in your research and/or your services.

However, if it’s not quite how you do things then you can use its simple configuration tools to change or add new processes.

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